Algoritia® is a world-class A.I. prototypes platform to bring life your data.

Allows you to solve any problem easily, quickly & simply by making your data more profitable using the best matched deep-learning code.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

From our own experience and experimentation. Artificial intelligence is the sequential application of algorithms by which a machine can exactly imitate human behavior from the way of thinking, acting and feeling of a human being at an exponential speed to improve decision making. 
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A.I. simpler than breathe

Everyone at any age can feed its own A.I. with its daily data and see how the information is transform into real-insights that never stop to learn.
We strongly believe that A.I. belongs to people, that’s why we allow the deep code to learn from your data as a child does.

Explaining it in a simple graphic...


Once you have all your data into a deep-learning algorithm, it transforms unseen and misused data that you usually have forgotten-storaged in a pen drive into an enriched-profitable data. It means new data that has a great value and never stop to learn from itself in order to increase its value.
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for Enterprise

for Startup


Are you struggling to manage and analyze data and don’t know how to transform it into profitable analytics?
Get a Deep Learning Prototype that help you out to discover new insights that reinvent your business.


Do you have an amazing unicorn-idea that will change the world but don’t know how to prove it?
Get an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that use & understand data in a way that nobody has done before.


High-skills data scientists & AI technologists


Fully custom AI solutions


Focused on Data capabilities


Easy to adapt AI to your current business


Quick execution, iterative results & strong scaling



Spain's office:

Correos Labs, Calle de la Sierra de Atapuerca, 13, 28050 Madrid

Peru's office:

(Coming soon), Lima


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