Every company can become a Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon or Apple.

You should only allow artificial intelligence to learn from your business at all levels: operational, commercial, marketing, administrative, financial, productive, and to help you make more accurate, faster and more profitable decisions.

We have a personalized solution whether you are an startup, corporate or government.

Our services

We propose you to start with a low-cost A.I. prototype that can be tested in less than 7 days.

Because artificial intelligence is the only technological one that does not depend on your area of systems or information technology. It can be planned and developed by each area, independently. The only thing your artificial intelligence needs to learn is data.


The Technology behind Algoritia®. How do we do it?


Why work with us?

Your artificial intelligence within a short time of learning can solve any problem you have. All your problems!


  1. Use AI to extract business insights from structured and unstructured data.

  2. Drive new business models and revenue using smart strategies and new tech.

  3. Get personalized insights from your consumers to create better experiences.

High-skills data scientists & AI technologists

Fully custom AI solutions

Focused on Data capabilities

Easy to adapt AI to your current business

Quick execution, iterative results & strong scaling



Spain's office:

Correos Labs, Calle de la Sierra de Atapuerca, 13, 28050 Madrid

Peru's office:

(Coming soon), Lima



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